Clevedon Village Hall to be sold

Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Village Hall. - Credit: Clevedon Town Council

Clevedon Village Hall will be put up for sale as trustees say it is no longer financially viable.

Trustees were told they would need to spend £90,000 to make the building more accessible.

The charity would not be able to pay for all the improvements, and additional funding would have to come from the town’s taxpayers in order to maintain and restore the building.  

The board of trustees has opted to sell building, with further discussions to be held on how to spend or invest the money raised from the sale. 

Clevedon Town Council clerk Paula Heath - who acts as clerk to the trustees - is tasked with finding a commercial estate agent to value the property on Old Street.  

Paula said: “This was not an easy decision to make and was not made without a lot of consideration.  

“The village hall trustees took the decision to investigate the selling of the hall in August 2020. 

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“As the village hall is a charity, money from it must go to within the requirement of charity commission - a charity with similar aims, or supplement provision with the town, or as a deposit to buy something else. 

“We have no idea of the hall’s value - the trustees are not going to make a decision on how the money will be spent until they know how much they have.” 

Clevedon Town Council chairman, Cllr David Shopland suggested the community might benefit from a new a car park. 

The facility was built in 1868 and used as a village hall and reading room until the 1990s. It was then taken over by Clevedon Town Council until 2003. 

It remained empty for a number of years due to issues with access.

Citizen Advice North Somerset used the building from 2008 to 2019, but the charity gave up its lease in 2020, due to the pandemic - with one narrow entrance in to the building the charity was unable to make it Covid safe.