Lion heads to Longleat

Lion heads to Longleat

A LOVEABLE lion from Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall is leaving to join a new pride at Longleat Safari Park.

Louisa arrived at Noah’s Ark as cub in February 2010 along with her brothers Zulu and Masai.

But the one-year-old is now set to join a new pride of young lions at Longleat to make extra room at Noah’s Ark for her growing brothers.

The zoo farm’s head keeper Chris Wilkinson said: “We’ve really enjoyed having Louisa here during the past year and along with her brothers, she has become very popular with our visitors.

“However, as lions grow fast and their need for space increases, we are pleased to work with Longleat in this venture which will help them form a new pride and also ensure our own lions have more space here.”

Staff will be carrying out more work this year to improve the attraction including building a new indoor soft play barn, which will be ready when the zoo reopens on February 5.