Lights for your loved ones

HUNDREDS of people have supported the Portishead Tree of Light campaign this year raising more than �1,500 for the town’s festive illuminations.

Organised by Portishead Christmas Lights committee and supported by the Times, the campaign invites people to make a donation to the Christmas lights in memory of loved ones.

Every penny goes to the lights and the names of those remembered are published in this feature. They are also displayed on a screen in the shop window of Freemans Home Entertainment Centre at 47 High Street, along with any photographs submitted.

Lights committee treasurer Barry Randal said: “This is a lovely way to help people remember their loved ones and support the lights that are enjoyed by the whole town at the same time.

“The campaign has done really well once again and we thank everyone who has taken part.”

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Here are the names of those people to be remembered this year: Person to be remembered: Nominees (message).

Mike Schneider: Lorraine & Helen Schneider (Forever in our thoughts). Jim O’Hare: Portishead Christmas Lights. Mike Philpott: Carol Philpott. Irene & Frank House: Carol Philpott. Peter Chapman: Patricia Chapman. Terry Henson:Jan Barrett-Cross (Miss you, the light of my life). Llewelyn Jones & Mildred Constance: Mike & Kay Constance. Guardsman Iain Wright: Mr & Mrs Bonham (Always missed, always loved, always remembered). Don Staves: Beryl Staves. Mr Austin Henley: Mrs H A Henley. Dot Rowe: Tony, Sarah & Rebecca. Jenny Horton: Rod Horton. Mr Granville Hook: Mrs Jean Hook. Derek Pain: Mary Pain (In my heart for all time). Ken Goble: Vera Goble. Mr Allan Southey: Mrs Margaret Southey (Forever loved and remembered). Barbara Vaughan: Lionel Vaughan. Fred Cook: Frances Cook. John Steadman & Hilda Redman: Liz Steadman. Cyril & Joy Yeatman: Jane Sharman. Charles Dumont: June Dumont. Ron Holbrook: Mary Holbrook. John Bessant, Vera & Reg Calvey: Mrs Pamela Bessant & Family. Albert & Doris Hibbs: Martin & Sue Ogborne. Francis & Kathleen Ogborne: Martin & Sue Ogborne. Raymond Milton: Mrs B Milton. Reg Bye: Joan Bye. Dorothy Embling: Lesley Leaker. Eileen Barker: Gerald Barker. Dot Rowe: Linda Gregory. Ken Wright: Anita Wright. Dorothy & Gilbert Mapstone: Anita Wright. Bob: Gloria & Family (Always in our thoughts). John Pearson: Jacqueline Pearson. John & Elsie Tinker: Ruth Cox. Norman Derrick: Betty. Mac Wilkins: The Wilkins Family. Eve & Mervyn Hawker: Pam Hartley. Elsie & Bill Blaker: Jean & Tony Blaker. Arthur & Edith Philpott: Jean & Tony Blaker. Doug & Eileen Williamson: Pat Gill. Bill Ambrose: J Douglas. Gerald Horseman: J Douglas. James Ryall: Julie Ryall. Roy Berry & Keith Browning: Mrs S Browning. Hilda & Joe Linsdell: Kathleen Ford. Irene Schneider: Lorraine & Helen Schneider. Mike Lindsay: Caryl Lindsay. Julie Lloyd: Grace & Jim Lloyd (Our Dearest Daughter). Frank & Eddie Osment: Sue Clarke. Ralph Thornton: Pat Thornton, Marline & Mark. Poppy Hendry: Mrs Nicola Wheddon (Mum, Grandma & Great Grandma). Bryan Chichester: Pauline, Andrea, Michael & Sarah. Jean Moller: The Moller Family. Tony & Sandra Gale: Chris Gale. Jim O’Hare: Lucy & Sam Baker (We miss you very much). Jim O’Hare: Steve & Louise Baker (Missed Always). Lynne Smith: Paul Smith & Family. Raymond Charles Sellick: Ian & Yvonne Sellick. Ceinwen Sellick: Ian & Yvonne Sellick. Chris Kokta: Grace & Morgan. Edith & Gilbert Bailey: Keith Bailey. David Buckingham: W Buckingham. Edith Buckingham: W Buckingham. Joyce Knee: Graham & Jane Knee. Cecil Crees: Mrs Joyce Crees. Walther Eibisch: Isabel Crees. Baby James Want: Clive & Jean Hall. Bert Metcalf: Kate Metcalf (My Dear Husband). Bert Metcalf: Myra Woodward (My Dear Uncle). Leonard Hathway: Ena & Brian Hathway. Richard Chadwick (Chaddie): Liz Chadwick & Family. Basil Nobes: Beatrice Nobes (My Dear Husband). Alan David Webber: Tracey Robbins. Robert John Villis: Mrs Janet Villis. Peter Hubble: Mrs Dorothy Hubble. Alan Peters: Margaret Peters. Peter J Collins: Mrs J C Collins. Vivien Churchill & Father John: Mrs D A Evans. William Boyle: Ann & Family. Mary: Dick Hawkins. Roy Limbrick: Nancy Cooper. Henry & Kathleen Jones: Tessa & Jonathan Lewis (Much Loved & Missed). Norman Derrick & John Glen: Telstars Skittle Team (Well Played the Stars). Pete Chapman: Telstars Skittles Team (Well Played the Stars). Stuart Guard: Tim Guard. Claire Baker (nee Button): Ron & Christine Button (Our Beloved Daughter). Ronald Villis & Darren (Son): Mrs Pam Villis (Love & Miss You Both Always). Julian Neville Pearce: Mrs Janet Citter. Bryan Price: Mary Chapman. Bob Lonsdale: Jackie, Matt, Tom & Andy Lonsdale. Joan Gostlin: Boo, Paul, Jason, Nicola, Donna & Freya (Every Day We Miss You More). Doris & Tom Maggs: Margret & Family (Miss You Both So Much). Peter Stonestreet: Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy. Brian Stonesteet: Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy. Joseph & Josephine Hennessy: Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy. Holly Walker: Jemma Hennessy. Jack Saunders: Mrs Mary Saunders (Love you all the world). Audrey & Cecil Wills: Sylvia, Joan, Doreen & Colin (Miss You Both). Frederick George (Greg): Sylvia, Claire, Mark, Libby & Shaun (Miss You So Much). Stan & Paul Summers: Val Summers. Paula Jane Holder: Andrew & Sue Holder. Jack & Edith Holder: Mr & Mrs P Holder. Reg & Sylvia Wheeler: Mr & Mrs P Holder. Kathleen & Ernie Gardner: Mr & Mrs P Holder. Alan Parnaby: Elaine & Ian Porch (Always in our thoughts). Jean Gane: Anne Clark & Doreen Rollings. Jack Clark: Andrew Clark. Michael Rollings: Doreen Rollings (Always in our memories). Christopher Collins: Hazel Hunt. Greta Bence: G Pilcher. Nathan Wright: Ruth & Craig Hussey. Kath & Merv Martin: Dene & Family (We love and miss you). John Glen: Dene & Family (We love and miss you). Floss & Jack Bessant: Sheila & Arthur (In loving memory). Floss & Jack Bessant: Terrina, Simon, Scott & Dan. Floss & Jack Bessant: Paula, Tom, Stacey & Kayleigh. Mike Bessant: Sheila & Arthur. Cath Sweeney: Sheila (Special Friend). Joan Gostlin: Sheila & Aurthur. Vicki Moorlan: Sheila. Rene O’Neil: Sheila (Bessant). Joyce & Ken Garrad & Bryan Price: Sam Douglas & Sally Garrad. Joyce & Ken Garrad: Keith Garrad. Graham Wylie: Patsy Wylie (All my love forever darling). Chris & Jim Wylie: Patsy Wylie (With all my love). Win & Fred Waldron: Patsy Wylie (Best mum and dad with all my love). Terry Targett: Sally, Annie, Ellie & Paul. Michael Sharp: Sue, Dave, Diane & Family. Tom Broom: Mary-Ann Iles & Family. Stan Fizia: Jane Fizia (Our lovely dad). Bryan Snow: Valerie Clements (In loving memory of a very caring dad). Ronald Haines: B R Haines (A dearly loved husband, father & grandfather). Edie & Ben Gale: Maureen, Shirley, Graham & Family. Ted Wren: Mavis, Valerie, Brian & Janice (Loved by all). James Gordon: Mrs G S Gordon & Family (We all miss you very much). Bob Gray: Marie Villis (Granddad I miss you more & more each day, all my love). Bessie & Albert and Brother Ron: Sheila & Tab Talbot (Will never be forgotten). Ron & Bella Wolf: Chris & Tony Rilett & Family. George Lafferty: Winifred Lafferty. Ivy Royle: Rita & John Nichols (Lots of memories and a few tears, thanks mum, goodnight). George Davey: Liz & Karl Heinzelmann (We will always remember you). Marjorie Davey: Liz & Karl Heinzelmann (You will always be remembered by all the family). Tim Davey: Liz & Karl Heinzelmann (You left us too early but we will always remember you). Jim O’Hare: Rose O’Hare (Greatly missed). Jonathan Porter: Stella Porter (Memories). Violet & Robert Welsh: David Welsh. Mike Jelley: Elaine & Marilyn. Les Jelley: Myrtle Jelley. Bob Niel: June Niel. Ronald & Mary Hayman: The Hayman Family. Winifred Watkins: The Watkins Family. Alan Parnaby: M Parnaby (Love you always). Roger Yeoman: Diane Yeoman (Forever in my heart and thoughts). Jim & Edna Coles: Diane Yeoman (Remembered with love always). Pat Waite: Roy Waite. Eddie Parsons: K.A.M Parsons (Always in my thoughts, darling). Jim Hudd: Jean Hudd. Ted Ward: Eve Ward (Remembered with love from all his family). Paul Weston: Sylvia Weston. Peter Chapman: Patricia Chapman (My first Christmas without you, I miss you love, now and always). Lawrence Family: Lin & Rog Lawrence (Miss you). Nathan Wright: Mrs V Cunningham (Miss you more each year, you are the light of our lives). Tony Worgan: Mrs P Worgan (Loving memories of a dear husband, dad and granddad). Mandy Blaker: Mr & Mrs Blaker (A wonderful daughter, always in our thoughts). Clifford Maycock: Hilda & Daughters (Remembered and loved always). Brian Makepeace: Madeline Makepeace. Sue Hazelton: Mark Hazelton & Family (In loving remembrance). Anthony Baumbach: Mrs P Baumbach (In our hearts always). Walter & Sheila Miller: Stuart & Frances. Maurice: Mavis Jordan (Sadly missed). Rex & Heather Foster: Mrs D Foster (Always remembered). Roy Maggs: All the family (Never forgotten loved always). John Bailey: Evelyn, Jean & Family (With love). Jean Powell: Evelyn Bailey. Ted Vye: Pam & Family (Missing you). Mervyn & Maud Powell: Mr Ronald Powell & Mrs Mary Powell (Very much missed and loved). Albert Powell: Mr Ronald Powell (Much missed and loved). Walter Hooper: Mary Powell & Ann Slade (A much loved father & granddad). Pete White: Jenny White. Tony Gould: Christine and the Family (Always in our thoughts and hearts). Ray Herbert: Joan & Family. Eileen Minty: Sandy, Bobbie & Barry (Love and miss you mum). Ted Yve: Alan, Kelly, Gemma & Lee Vye (Thinking of you always).

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