Liberal Democrat councillor turns independent

Liberal Democrat councillor turns independent

A NAILSEA councillor is turning his back on the Liberal Democrats party to become an independent councillor.

Andy Cole, who has represented Nailsea East as a Liberal Democrat at North Somerset Council for the past 16 years, will be standing as an independent candidate in the forthcoming elections on May 5.

He said: “I want to continue for the next four years, assisting the local residents of Nailsea East in the best interests of what is right and common sense, not as a district councillor ham strung by national party policy.

“Implementing national party ideology and dogma has been a disaster for North Somerset, particularly over the past four years, where we have seen council services outsourced, privatised, sold off and worst of all axed by the present administration.

“The Liberal Democrat Party at local level appears to be becoming as guilty as the Conservatives insisting that local election candidates pledge their allegiance first and foremost to implementing national party doctrine and policy often over and above what should be done in the best interests of the local electorate.”

Mr Cole also praised the work of independent councillors Karen Barclay and Tom Collison who represent Backwell.

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He added: I have been particularly impressed by the two independents in the neighbouring ward of Backwell who are highly respected within their own ward, namely Karen Barclay and Tom Collinson. They have strived tirelessly to help their local constituents in the name of common sense and what is best for Backwell.”