Letters to the editor - November 30

Protest song

I AM delighted that people are at last returning to the genre of the protest song.

However, I would like to add some constructive criticism: personal attacks on named individuals can be construed as slander or libel; the lyrics should be clearer; the style of the video could be improved by variety; the twirling image of the newspaper would be better slowed down and used less frequently in the video so as to make more impact and say who wrote and performed the song and video!

Take credit for your work, and the praise, and any criticism… and keep improving.

I say, well done, for taking the initiative, but remember not to insult people personally.

You may also want to watch:

Also, a great protest song should be a rousing song that people would enjoy singing together.


Most Read

Woodington Road, Clevedon

Certainly critical

I WRITE in response to Sally Gardner’s letter. I don’t see the relevance of how long horses have been around (actually genus Equus is no older than four to seven million years old) but I think she misses my point.

She also implies my letter was negative, which it wasn’t. It was certainly critical of selfish people who flout rules, that are there for everyone, in order to enjoy their pleasure at others’ detriment.

She makes no mention of how people with pushchairs or in wheelchairs are meant to avoid horse manure spread across footpaths.

I agree that everyone is entitled to be safe and I can assure Ms Gardner that I am one of those considerate motorists who slow down and give wide berth to horses and their riders on the road, after all they have as much right to be there as I have.

I have seen hoof/shoe prints and horse manure on footpaths that would present a problem of space should a horse rider meet a child buggy.

I agree with horse riders’ efforts to secure bridleways, and I commend Ms Gardner for doing something about it, but unless and until laws and by-laws are altered horses do not belong on footpaths or public playing fields.


The Tynings, Clevedon

Poppy appeal

THE 2011 Poppy Appeal in Clevedon has raised the magnificent sum of �20,000 an excellent result, well up on last year which was �1,700.

Thanks go from local Royal British Legion members to the general public who, as in previous years supported the work so generously. Also to the increasing number of people who volunteer to stand with collecting tins.

If you would like to be associated with success, telephone me now on 876242, and I will put your name down as a collector for 2012.

With the above figure and other fund raising events, more than �22,200 will be sent to headquarters from Clevedon this year.

Thank you for so readily giving money and time.


Local Poppy Appeal organiser

Woodside Road, Clevedon

Solar panels

IS THERE anything quite as ugly as the rash of solar panels which have suddenly appeared in Nailsea?


Church Lane, Nailsea


NOTICE to all of our customers: Firestorm Fireworks and Firestorm Pyro FX are based in Weston, Clevedon and Avonmouth.

We are not associated in any way with Firestorm Pyrotechnics of Taunton.


Firestorm partner

West Croft, Clevedon

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