Letters to the editor - January 18

Local bus

THE 800 bus service is the only local bus to serve the community in Clevedon.

This bus only operates Monday to Friday, however although it only visits parts of Clevedon, once in the morning and once in the afternoon - it is a lifeline to all the residents of Clevedon.

Most, especially the senior citizens, who without this service will have the fantastic choice of becoming recluses in their own homes or having to pay �7.60 in taxi fares just to get to the village and home again. There is no alternative bus service within walking distance.

To residents who can walk, have mobility scooters, or cars, the loss of the 800 bus service may not be a priority to them: but if you are not in that group, just stop and think about the many others less fortunate, like having to pay �7.60 to go to collect your pension; or just so that you can go to the village for a coffee or lunch or to go to the medical centre or even just to be able to get out of those four walls and to sit in Queen’s Square to socialise and be part of the community.

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North Somerset Council may need to make savings, they have already plunged us into darkness by taking away our street lights - even in areas were there are vulnerable people, despite their guarantee not to do so, and they are going to reduce our library opening hours in April.

But surely the removal of the 800 bus service is the last straw.

Most Read

The slogan ‘Care in the Community’ does not seem to apply to the powers that be in their ivory towers.

Stop the issue of Life publication, which is received by many, read by few and re-cycled by the 100s.

Surely that is just one area where money could be saved.

The loss of this vital bus lifeline must not go ahead.

We can’t let them ride roughshod over us, don’t just take it lying down or grumble and complain amongst yourselves. Let’s join together and let North Somerset Council know that the residents of Clevedon are a fighting force with a strong will and stronger backbone.

There is a meeting of the Clevedon Town Council on February 7 at 7.30pm at 44 Old Street, Clevedon.

If you can please come and make your voices heard and at least try to get our town council to stand up for us. Although I am ‘lucky’ enough to still be able to drive, despite being in my 70s and with disability issues, I want to get the ball rolling on this before its too late.

We don’t just want the 800 bus service - we need it.


Beaconsfield Road, Clevedon

Slight effort

I WOULD suggest that a torch is useful for navigating unfamiliar unlit streets and without one it is something I would not undertake.

These are changing times of austerity and the need to greatly limit our consumption.

I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect to make the slight effort of reforming a few habits that have only been lost within the last 50 years


Dial Hill Road, Clevedon


I SEE that North Somerset Council has been found wanting yet again, seemingly finding it impossible to make decisions and then stick to them.

The right decision on the skatepark being sited on the Lake Grounds has already been made, to the relief of the majority of Portishead residents.

The peace and quiet that the Lake Grounds provide is an important part of Portishead

But now it appears that we have the council acting like some ‘banana republic’ wanting to carry on changing decisions until a minority get the one they want.

I don’t often agree with Councillor Barry Walters but on this occasion I must. The Lake Grounds is not the right place for a skatepark.

On Sunday last the Lake Grounds was so popular that there were no parking spaces left by early afternoon.

This is from the same council who finds it impossible to see the need for a mini roundabout at Cabstand and also seemingly not able to decide on the placing of double and single yellow lines in Harbour Road freeing the road from vehicle obstructions by the Travelodge hotel and the Harbourside Medical Centre.


Brampton Way, Portishead

I bought it

YOUR article about the release of a record by The Cornish Wurzells to raise money for the proposed Adge Cutler statue in Nailsea says that not a single copy of this record has been sold.

This is wrong! I bought a copy at the normal rate from Amazon within days of it being released (December 7 to be precise) and I am listening to it on my PC as I write this to prove it!


Blakeney Grove, Nailsea


I WAS delighted to read so much good news in my Times last week from our North Somerset Tory representatives.

First, we are told that reductions in library opening hours will lead to a better service!

Secondly, whole streets not having their rubbish collected and litter strewn across roads are signs that the council’s recycling initiative is working!

The service has gone downhill since privatisation as most people predicted.

I look forward to reading more good news.

Perhaps if you shut a few schools that would promote children’s independence and bring families closer together?

Or the council might close off half the roads, discouraging car journeys and reducing global warming?

When is it the next local elections come round?


All Saints Lane, Clevedon


‘THERE are none so blind as those who do not wish to see’ may not be relevant to your article ‘Street light switch-off not increased crime - official’ (Times January 11 2012).

Could it be that police in Clevedon say they have not seen a rise in crime since street lights were turned off at night, because it was too dark to see anything?


Chapel Barton, Nailsea.

Dog mess

IT WAS a crisp, sunny Friday afternoon and I was in my usual rush to get my 10-month-old daughter up to High Down School to pick up her two brothers.

I’d been to work in the morning so my mind was on other more mundane things

In my haste walking up the Deans I didn’t see the dog excrement left on the pavement for me to both push the pram through and step in.

On the way home one of my boys rode his scooter through it.

I obviously need this sort of excitement on a Friday as unpacking the shopping with my wife, looking after three children, taking my boys to swimming lessons, making dinner just isn’t enough. I need to be cleaning dog mess off wheels and shoes whilst enjoying the sweet aroma with the whole family.

So if anyone does see anyone leaving dog mess on the pavement for children to play with, bag it up, follow them home and post it through their letter box as a sign of appreciation for this great Portishead citizen.


The Deans, Portishead

Thank you

MY GRATEFUL thanks to all the kind people who came to my help and kept me warm, dry and calm after my fall in Clevedon on December 12.

Also my heartfelt thanks to my wonderful family, neighbours and friends for their kindness.


Larch Close, Nailsea

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