Letters to the editor - December 19

A bigger picture

LIKE many other motorists finding their way along the A369 into Bristol from Easton in Gordano we have recently found ourselves stuck in a traffic jam caused by some renovations to a house at the crossroads at Abbots Leigh.

We have noticed that this jam can start as far back as Martcombe Farm possibly some two miles back from Abbots Leigh but knowing what is causing the hold up one has to sit back and be patient.

The annoying part is when you eventually reach the other side of the traffic lights you find the queue on the other side is only a hundred yards long.

You had hoped that the people responsible for the traffic light change frequency had more sense to time the lights on a basis of the need to move more traffic in the morning into Bristol then reverse this situation on the evening. ‘Simples.’

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However true I regress this is not a complaint about the temporary inconvenience that this situation has caused but more of a realisation of a bigger picture that just one small hold up on this road, or hold ups caused by incidents on the Cumberland Basin, I have also experienced can make such a time consuming, fuel wasting farce that we feel regularly resigned into accepting.

Isn’t it time that North Somerset Council and Bristol City Council got together and got the Portishead to Bristol railway line sorted, that could take a few hundred cars an hour off this stretch of road every day.

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With the cost of fuel that is presumed to take even more money away from our weekly living expenses this is not a nice to have idea, this is becoming a necessity that is needed now.


St Marys Park Road, Portishead


I WOULD like to draw attention to the plight of hundreds of patients who attend Tower House Medical Centre, should the loss of 67 parking spaces be permitted in the proposed town centre development.

While those who are registered as disabled have access to reserved spaces, many chronic sick, elderly, with walking difficulties or attending for minor surgery will be severely disadvantaged when they are forced to park much further from the medical centre – if they can find a space at all.

I also endorse the reasons given by previous correspondents why this development should not be allowed.


Russett Grove, Nailsea

‘Super grocers’ Lidl

THE SITING of another (we have five already) ‘super grocers’ Lidl or otherwise would be detrimental to the local economy and the proposed position of such a store would be a visual ruination of the area.

It’s nonsense to reduce the car parking amenity (necessarily close to the health centre) and to increase trade.

Mr Robinson’s statement that such a development would be an asset is quite ridiculous as evidenced by the present vacant retail units, the empty Weston College (old health centre) building, the empty Zion premises and the derelict garage site.

We have artisan bakers ie Parsons and a new deli is coming next to the new Europa restaurant. We have lots of lovely coffee shops thank you. The former butcher left the precinct due to lack of support.

The redevelopment of Sycamore House is to be applauded as is the reduction of rents to bring in new (and various please) retailers to the centre of Nailsea.

Mr Robinson (Ellandi partner) needs to do his homework and think again. We have yet to meet anyone locally who has a good word for the proposals.

Richard James letter in the North Somerset Times December 5 perfectly summed up the situation.

Please, should this ever get to planning for goodness sake turn it down.


High Street, Nailsea

Long overdue

IT WAS with alarm that I read in the Times that “Nailsea Town Centre will soon be benefiting from a �10million revamp” which involves the loss of 67 parking spaces at Stockway South, in order to accommodate Lidl.

Where is it envisaged that the cars which currently use those parking spaces will go? Parking is already at a premium in this car park Monday to Saturday, and if it is intended that Lidl will attract more people to Nailsea then this simply compounds the problem.

The revamp of Sycamore House and the old Esso petrol station is long overdue and I applaud this proposal, but hands off Nailsea Town Centre itself.

It is one of the most attractive town centres in the region and I agree that every encouragement should be given to small businesses to move into the empty units, with lower rents, but how will they be expected to survive with so much competition from yet another supermarket?

Anyone wishing to shop at Lidl can already do so in Clevedon and Portishead and may I suggest that we need our parking spaces far more than we need Lidl.


Fosse Barton, Nailsea

Eagerly await

I READ with interest in the Times the articles covering the flooding and the ‘call for the flood task force team’.

We moved into Portishead in September last year and noted the drains along Quays Avenue were blocked (as are a large number of the ones on the Portbury Hundred).

We have made numerous calls to North Somerset to request that these are cleaned. Over the last two months we have called three times, and been told every time, that is will be dealt with. This still hasn’t happened.

We appreciate that there are areas that are more susceptible at this time to flooding, Portbury being a recent example. We have called the council to come and sort out the drains locally to prevent anything like what has happened in Portbury happening to others.

We eagerly await the outcome of the investigations to prevent future flooding mentioned in the article regarding the flood task force.


Galingale Way, Portishead

Thank you

AS ONE of the volunteers who waylaid shoppers on Saturday December 1 asking them to contribute to the Foodbank, I’d like to thank everyone who responded so quickly and generously.

We were thrilled at the response. Everything given is non-perishable and will be stored safely, so this has put the Foodbank in a great position, able to respond throughout the winter to anyone in genuine crisis.

If anybody reading this letter is in that state, or knows someone who is, do please ask health visitors, doctors, social workers or church workers for a voucher, or contact the Foodbank on 07722 769529 or via www.clevedon.foodbank.org.uk


Stowey Road, Yatton


I WOULD like to say how proud the Clevedon Twinning Association was to be involved in the Christmas Tree Festival held in the newly renovated Christchurch in Clevedon.

To see so many clubs and organisations coming together in such a great local celebration of a magnificent building has been inspirational. Nursery groups, care homes, charities and youth groups, it really involved everyone and it celebrates the community spirit that we have here in Clevedon.

We were proud to be part of this project and congratulations to all those involved in the organisation.

This really is the spirit of Clevedon, shown in the willingness of all groups coming together to celebrate Christmas in this way.


Chairman Clevedon Twinning Association

Newlands Green, Clevedon

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