Letters to the editor: August 17

Youth survey

MAY I through your letters page, please thank everyone who took part in the Portishead Youth Survey 2010.

All those who asked for the results to be sent to them have now been written to by email or by post but anyone who has not received a letter can read a copy of the full document which will be held at Portishead Library, Portishead Youth Club, Gordano School and Portishead Town Council.

If anyone who completed a survey would like an electronic copy, please telephone 07731 787692 or 849474 leaving your contact name and email address.

Once again, thanks to all who took part and especially those who gave me so much support in completing what has been the most extensive survey ever undertaken in Portishead of youth opinion between the ages of 11 and 19 years.

It was great to see everyone’s views and many commented that they would like more surveys of this nature.

Anyone who has an interest in becoming more involved in sharing ideas and opinions for the benefit of Portishead youth or perhaps would like to join a youth forum, should contact Helen Darwall on 01275 847078. Well done Portishead Youth – your answers show how much you care about your town.

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Queens Avenue, Portishead

Fantastic two days

I WOULD like to thank everyone who attended the Portishead Flower Show and Country Fayre.

A lot of flower shows are no longer taking place due to the ever increasing costs and lack of community support, it is therefore great to see that support is alive and well in Portishead.

We had a fantastic two days, although we had a little light drizzle at the opening ceremony, this did not dampen our spirits and it was wonderful to see the support from the many visitors.

Particular thanks to the exhibitors, especially the young children, traders and all the committee members and helpers for all their hard work - without whose support the show would not take place.


General secretary

St Peters Road, Portishead

Proposed cuts

THE people of North Somerset are being given two weeks, in the middle of the summer holidays to express their opinions about the proposed cuts in council supported bus services.

This extraordinarily short notice gives the lie to any genuine desire for consultation. Councillor Ap Rees has made it clear that the aim is to make drastic cuts to services.

He talks of the possibility of using the voluntary sector, amalgamating services and of closing so called ‘uneconomic’ services.

None of this alters the central point that there will be a substantial reduction in services.

Under this Government, once a state supported service is lost, it will never come back again. It must be made clear that these cuts will be as a direct result of Central Government policy and that they will affect the most vulnerable people in our community, those that cannot either use or afford private transport.

They will also run counter to environment policies through encouraging more car use and do not appear to be part of any long term transport strategy.

These cuts should be opposed in principle. The so-called ‘consultation process’ must not be seen in any way as the population’s support of the policy. The current national and international economic problems come from the greed and incompetence of international corporations and financial institutions that have, in no way, changed their behaviour.

It is a disgrace that our local government is asking those in our society in most need to pay for this situation.


Chairman, North Somerset Constituency Labour Party

Old Park Road, Clevedon