LETTER: 'Could See Monster engineers work on our roads?'

See Monster is rolled along the sand to the Tropicana in Weston. Picture: Steve Poulsom.

The See Monster has been a mammoth engineering project - Credit: stevepoulsomphotography.com

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s super rig, now to reside at the old Tropicana.  

The work to move it from sea to sand to its new situation reminds me of something that NASA made to send Apollo 11 to the moon. 

Well, our new See Monster seems just as big and as complicated. 

Well done to the removal and location team of Weston. 

So, are we going to be ready in September? All this has been done in months. 

Could the engineers please come to Banwell as our long-awaited bypass has now been put back again? 

If you can move an oil rig across the seas and up the Bristol Channel, could you have a word with North Somerset Council on our behalf, as just going the half a mile to the shops in my disabled car from my house involves a flask, sandwiches and heavy medication as we negotiate our blocked roads?

Going to the moon was easier. 

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