Learn about pier’s gostly tales

GHOST fans could learn about Clevedon Pier’s spooky stories following a whirlwind of interest in its supernatural atmosphere.

Recent reports of ghostly goings on at the seafront structure have prompted a number of paranormal enthusiasts to carry out their own investigations.

These include the Torchlight Paranormal Group, Avon Paranormal Team, Bristol and UK Supernatural Co (BUS) as well as individuals interested in the supernatural world.

Their interest was raised when anglers who regularly use the pier reported seeing human figures which later disappeared and hearing voices when no-one else was nearby.

Now, staff are planning to hold organised ghost walks on the Victorian pier so members of the public can learn about its eerie tales.

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Pier mistress Linda Strong said: “It has been a bit of a whirlwind.

“It has gathered momentum and taken everyone’s imagination.”

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To investigate paranormal activity, most ghost hunters have used equipment to measure the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and to indicate whether there are raised fields in certain locations. A number of ghost hunters believe a raised EMF reading can be associated with a ghostly presence.

They also use recording equipment to pick up electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) - electronically generated noises which some believe can be associated with the paranormal.

Pier mistress Linda Strong said: “The BUS group said they found it exceptionally interesting.

“They picked up something on one side of the pier and half way down it – there were indications it could be a doctor.

“They said they definitely picked up something at the end of the pier too.”

Linda also viewed footage shot at the pier by the Avon Paranormal Team, which revealed some interesting noises recorded by its members. They picked up an EMF recording near to a set of lights as well as recording the sound of opera and Welsh music in the same area.

Linda said: “They think the lights could be acting as an aerial.

“It is actually proving to become more and more exciting as this goes on.

“I have just been through loads of clips with sounds that are unusual. It is fascinating.”

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