Latest books for Clevedon writer

A CLEVEDON author has written two books filled with poetry and short stories.

Since giving up his job and moving to Clevedon on health grounds, David Robinson has supplemented his living by painting and writing.

The 66-year-old of Thackeray Avenue is now in the process of getting his latest two books printed. Called Westering Home and Butterflies and Diamonds, they will take the total number of books compiled by David to five.

Westering Home is a collection of his poetry and Butterflies and Diamonds is a themed anthology of poetry and short stories by local authors, including David.

David has lived in Clevedon for 11 years and moved to the town from Bristol after he was diagnosed with ME, which caused him to have to give up his role as senior laboratory technologist at Bristol University and as bass player for a number of local, national and international bands.

He is now chairman of Bristol Writing groups as well as Clevedon’s Own Writers’ Meet and is a registered publisher.