Lake Grounds speed limit call applauded

Portishead Lake Grounds

Portishead Lake Grounds - Credit: Archant

SPEEDING cars are a danger to users of Portishead Lake Grounds, according to residents living nearby.

Calls for lower speed limits on the approach to the seafront beauty spot received applause from the public gallery at Portishead Town Council’s February meeting.

Len Jenkins, a resident of Beach Road West, which overlooks the Lake Grounds, said: “The roads leading to the Lake Grounds are often like a racetrack. Residents trying to get out of their drives are honked at by young drivers who seem to have no regard for residents or pedestrians.”

Mr Jenkins says he has repeatedly called for a reduced speed limit to be put in place, especially as the Lake Grounds is a ‘children’s playground’.

He, on behalf of concerned residents, has asked Portishead Town Council to act now before there is a serious accident.

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