The Hungry Caterpillar teaches Nailsea school about healthy eating

Kingshill Primary School students

Kingshill Primary School taught students the importance of a healthy diet by using the popular Hungry Caterpillar story. - Credit: Kingshill Primary School

School kids in Nailsea crunched, munched and lunched their way through a variety of healthy foods this week to pay homage to their favourite book, The Hungry Caterpillar.

Kingshill Primary School, alongside nutritionist, Emma Lovelock, held a healthy eating workshop with more than 25 students to encourage a healthy, balanced diet.

Kingshill Primary School students

The students had a go at making their own caterpillars. - Credit: Kingshill Primary School

A school spokesperson said: “The children absolutely loved the workshop and produced some fantastic caterpillars, which went down a treat.

"In reception, our pupils are quickly growing and therefore we think it is vital for them to begin exploring and discovering what it means to have a healthy, balanced diet.

"It was great to see all the children so engaged with the workshop and we hope they can go home and continue to bring the knowledge they bought to life with their families.”

Kingshill Primary School classroom

The workshop went down a storm with teachers and students. - Credit: Kingshill Primary School