Is it a Banksy?

BANKSY-STYLE artwork has mysteriously appeared on the side of a building in Portishead.

The image of a boy holding a bomb, reminiscent of the renowned street artist’s work, appeared on the wall of Travis Perkins, the builders merchants in Bristol Road in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The question of whether or not the urban art is the authentic work of the world famous graffiti genius has split fans in the town.

Saadat Mumtaz, a taxi driver for Carbrite Taxis in Portishead, who follows the work of Banksy, says the image is brilliant but he has doubts it was produced by the world famous artist.

He said: “It looks like a Banksy and it is very clever, but the use of colour makes me doubt its authenticity.”

Waran Dellacassa, however, who runs a business adjacent to the wall where the image appears said: “That definitely looks like a Bansky to me, it’s amazing.”

Town leaders want to see the painting protected while its authenticity is ascertained.

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Chairman of Portishead Town Council Reyna Knight said: “If it is a Banksy I would like to see it protected and if it’s not, we obviously have some real talent in Portishead.”