Internet Rotary club

THE international Rotary organisation is setting up a new internet club in Somerset to try to attract younger members.

The eClub is being set up for business men and women who are too busy to attend the traditional weekly meetings and to improve access for disabled members.

Rotary’s West Country eClub will cover North Somerset and meetings will be hosted on a website once a week through a chat room feature. The club secretary will post material for weekly discussions which members can access at any time.

Tim Mason, who is one of the founders of the new initiative, said: “EClubs are an ideal solution to attracting younger, busy professional people and a wider, diverse membership into Rotary. What we are doing is using technology and a means of communication which fits into their busy lifestyles.

“The nature of business has changed, attendance at Rotary meetings is becoming less of an option or a desire. By developing eClubs, Rotary is adapting to modern business practises, the pressures of modern day business and the requirements of younger professionals.

“EClubs also widen the accessibility of Rotary to disabled people who have been unable to attend or make a commitment to conventional clubs.

The organisation, which has 1.2million members worldwide, is looking to attract men and women of all ages to use their time, talents and professional skills towards improving their local community and communities around the world.

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