In pictures: Tickenham Flower Show

AN AFTERNOON of sun brought hundreds of people out to the annual Tickenham Flower Show.

Colourful exhibits filled the marquee on the village field, with 219 people entering more than 180 classes, and there were also games, stalls, demonstrations and a craft fair for the crowds to enjoy.

Music was provided by Portishead Concert Band and there was a hog roast and ice creams to tuck into. At the end of the successful show, produce was auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Flower show award winners:

Best Exhibit - Floral Art: Mrs Carol Faithfull

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Tom Williams Award – Rose Hybrid, one Specimen Bloom: Mrs Mildred Thorn

John Wier Award – Three Vases of Annuals : Mrs Pam Trenchard

Most Read

Doreen Weaver Award (15): Mrs Peggy Weeks

Dyer Award – Patio Pot planted with Begonias: Mrs Cyndy Sallnow

Ken & Betty Sydney Award - Mixed Garden Flowers: Mrs Pam Trenchard

Paul & Ann Loader - Hanging Basket: Mrs Cyndy Sallnow

Ashley Olsen Award – Collection of Salad Vegetables: Mr Peter Trenchard

Mr W.G. McEwen-Smith Award – Potatoes coloured and white: Mr Steve Delaney

Eric McEwen-Smith All Round Gardener Award: Mr Peter Trenchard

Garden News Top Tray: Mr John Banks

Best Exhibit - Domestic: Mrs Betty Sydney

Tickenham Monday Morning Coffee Award: Mrs Eleanor Giles

Best Exhibit - Wine, Cider & Liguer: Mr Ray Churcher

Best Exhibit - Art: Mr Peter Hanson

Best Exhibit – Handicraft: Miss Claire Eastwood

Noah’s Ark Farm Award – Two Entry Tickets: Master Sonny Pigrem

Alan and Jo Drake Award: Master Charlie Sims

Alan and Jo Drake Award – 12-16: Miss Gemma Stevenson

Flower show cup winners:

Highest Points in Show: Mrs Pam Trenchard

Westcott Family Challenge Cup - Family in Tickenham Highest points: Trenchard Family

Most firsts in Fruit and Vegetables: Mr Peter Trenchard

Highest Points in Fruit and Vegetables: Mr Peter Trenchard

Best Exhibit in Fruit and Vegetables: Mr Peter Trenchard

Liquid Assett Cider Co. Tankard (38) : Mr Peter Trenchard

Highest Points in Flowers: Mrs Cyndy Sallnow

James Yandall Memorial Trophy (6): Mrs Glenys Williams

Highest Points in Floral Art: Miss Stephanie Eastwood

Highest Points in Domestic: Mrs Pam Trenchard

The Buddy Cranmer-Brown Preserves Salver: Mrs Betty Sydney

Tickenham W.I. Cup - Highest points in Show: Mrs Janet Ashdown

Highest Points in Handicraft: Mrs Dorothy Caple

Highest Points in Wine, Cider and Liqueur: Mr Ray Churcher

Highest Points in Honey: Mr David Capon

Highest Points in Photography: Mr Keith Giles

Best Exhibit in Photography: Mr Keith Giles

Gordon Rogers Memorial Cup: Master Michael Semple

Highest Points in Art: Mrs Jean Laycock

Highest Points in Children’s classes 136-141,143-145, 166-195: Miss Gemma Stevenson

Miss M Dyer Cup - Best Exhibit in Children’s classes (166–195): Miss Scarlett Ellison

The Thorn Trophy - Highest Points Boy aged 5 – 7: Master Leo Brooks

The Thorn Trophy - Highest Points Girl aged 5 – 7: Miss Scarlett Ellison

Highest Points age 8-11: Miss India Ellison

Highest Points age 12-16 - including all in Show (Purcell Cup): Miss Gemma Stevenson

Tickenham School Challenge Cup (142): “Lions” House

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