Changes to housing solutions service in North Somerset

House on top of calculator

Applicants need to re-register on the new housing solutions system. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

North Somerset Council's housing solutions service is moving to a new system this month.

The current HomeChoice website, including the application form and bidding system, will be replaced with a different one.

All applicants will need to re-register their households and applications on the new system by December 23 as information cannot be transferred across.

If people do not re-register, their applications will be closed and they will have to register as new applicants.

The authority is moving to a new system known as the Housing Jigsaw, which will enable people to manage homeless and social housing applications through a single customer portal to make the service more streamlined.

People who register by December 23 will be able to keep their original registration date, banding and banding effective date, meaning there will be no change to their level of priority on the register.

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