Horse rescued from water-filled ditch

A YOUNG horse had to be rescued from a water-filled ditch by firefighters yesterday (Wed).

Crews were called to Clapton-in-Gordano at just after 8am by the owners of two-year-old Zuri, who had already attempted to rescue her but to no avail.

When firefighters reached Clapton Court in Clevedon Lane they found Zuri stood in about four feet of water, shivering and cold. It is thought she may have been there for several hours.

Firefighters, including the specialist animal rescue team from Bath Fire Station, worked alongside the owner and a vet to free the horse, which had been sedated to allow straps to be placed around it.

The straps were then attached to the hiab of Temple Fire Station’s rescue tender and the animal was lifted out of the ditch.

After being given some food and being checked over by the vet, Zuri walked off around the field and appeared to be unharmed by the ordeal.