History lover launches audio tours

A PORTISHEAD history lover has launched a business that will allow him to share his interest in beauty spots across the country.

Patrick Joel who lives in Nore Road has set up Local Story which provides audio guided tours of places of interest. The 34-year-old who worked in heritage for many years says his first tour, the Portishead Story, has been in high demand by shoppers looking for unique gifts this Christmas.

A guided tour can be downloaded for �3 or a CD purchased for �5, which takes you on a guided tour of beauty spots in the area, for you to explore on foot, by bike or car. Both come complete with a map, photos and music.

Patrick said: “I have always been interested in history and natural beauty and my aim is to share research, interest and information with as many people as possible using my guides.”

The Portishead Story covers a four-mile area of Portishead, seeking out special places to visit. It can be completed in around two hours, but can easily be split into shorter sections. The Clevedon Story will be the next tour available.

Patrick has a passion for protecting places of beauty and for each tour downloaded, 10 percent will be donated to a conservation project in the area the tour covers.

Local Story will be in Portishead High Street for the Victorian Evening on Friday. More information can be found by visiting www.local-story.co.uk or by calling Patrick on 01275 818091.