Herd of model baby elephants complete 400-mile journey to Noah's Ark Zoo

One of the elephants that was transported.

One of the elephants that was transported. - Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo

A herd of model baby elephants have completed their 400-mile journey from the Netherlands to a zoo in North Somerset.

Part of the international Elephant Parade art exhibition, a total of 26 baby elephants were transported from Amsterdam to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall to go on display. 

The herd of decorative elephants will form a trail over the 100 acre zoo for the summer from July 1 to August 31, in a bid to fundraise for nominated conservation charities.

So far the zoo has raised more than £9,000 for good causes. 

The elephant journey from the Netherlands to Wraxall. 

The elephant journey from the Netherlands to Wraxall. - Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo

There will also be a chance for local businesses to become an elephant sponsor too.

Elephant section lead keeper at Noah's Ark Zoo, Tom, said: "We are very proud to have the UK’s only African elephant bull facility here at Noah’s Ark.

"We are excited to welcome the elephant sculptures to help us spread the important conservation message of these incredible animals."

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Each sculpture has been created by local and international artists to raise awareness of global elephant conservation.

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Wraxall.

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Wraxall. - Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo

Managing director of Voodoo Designworks, Tony Baxter, said: "When asked if we would like to sponsor an elephant for the up and coming parade, we jumped at the chance.

"Not only do we feel the work Noah’s Ark is doing to be invaluable, but for Voodoo Designworks to be involved in helping to raise almost £10,000 for conservation charities is just amazing."

A spokesperson for Noah's Ark Zoo said: "Whilst providing a popular activity for day visitors to the zoo, the installation carries a strong conservation message to highlight the plight of wild elephants and explain the important work of the social enterprise Elephant Parade."

Elephant Parade was started by father and son Marc and Mike Spits, who were moved by the emotional story of a seven-month-old Asian elephant in Thailand who had survived standing on a land mine but lost her right leg. This triggered a massive conservation effort to save the species. 

Managing director at Elephant Parade, René de Wit, said: "After visiting so many great cities around the world, Elephant Parade is thrilled to arrive in Bristol at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

"We hope our vibrant art pieces will give the visitors, young and old, a reason to smile, meet friends and have a great day."