Treat yourself to a spa day to boost your physical and mental health

An outdoor hot tub at the spa.

Spa days offer lots of benefits to mental and physical health. - Credit: Cadbury House

As the legendary Python crew once questioned, ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’.

Well, the building of baths for soldiers returning home from war to help relieve symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion is one for starters, and seems they were certainly onto something!

Dating back to Roman times, the term spa historically refers to a location where mineral-rich spring water is used to give medicinal baths.

Today, and having evolved from the time of Caesar, a spa is regarded as a place that provides guests with therapeutic services such as massages, saunas, baths and manicures.

Offering a wealth of treatments, the benefits of a ‘spa day’ are well documented, and following the challenging past 15 months or so, is something many of us could and perhaps should make a little more of.

With the spa culture now a world-wide phenomenon, Jason Eaton at the health club and spa at Cadbury House knows all too well that amenities such as those he manages can and do provide serious relief and physical and mental health benefits.

And those who take time out relaxing in therapeutic baths or enjoying a deep tissue massage will not only feel less anxious but feel much more relaxed.

Jason Eaton.

Jason Eaton. - Credit: Cadbury House

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Jason said: “Here at the spa at Cadbury House, many of the treatments we provide are very much of a holistic nature in that it provides benefits for the whole body.

“Having a deep tissue massage, for example, can help release built-up stress that reveals itself as tight muscles in the neck and shoulders.

“Whether it’s a facial, body scrub, mud tension relief, massage or manicure, taking time out for yourself will have huge benefits on the mind, body and soul.

“It can help with pain relief, relieve muscular tension, fatigue or spasms, help ease joint stiffness and improve muscle function and mobility.

“On top of this, it can help improve sleep patterns which in turn reduces stress and anxiety.

“Under the current circumstances, we’re still operating under Covid guidelines, however that doesn’t restrict in any way people to come here to make the most of what can and is a very beneficial thing to do and our team of therapists are ready and waiting to help provide relief for those who need it.”