North Somerset nurses retire following more than 80 years of combined service to the NHS

NHS nurses due to retire at the end of the month after combined 80 years service

Nurses Val Logan and Pat Palmer due to retire from NHS service after a combined 80 years. - Credit: Sarah Spears

Colleagues of two retiring North Somerset nurses are saying thank you for their combined dedication of more than 80 years of service to the NHS. 

Val Logan and Pat Palmer, who are both in their mid-70s, are due to retire at the end of the month, having left a lasting and positive impression within their profession.

Despite the risk to their own health, they continued to work throughout the pandemic as part of a 70-staff urgent care rapid response team.

The team is a collaboration of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals, who work together within the community to support the South West Ambulance service, GP surgeries and district nurses throughout the region.

Its aim is to keep patients in the community and prevent hospital admissions where possible. They also work alongside local hospitals to enable early discharge from secondary care, offering support and care within the patient’s own home environment.  

Rapid response community staff nurse, at Sirona Care and Health, Sarah Spears, said: “Two of our most amazing and cherished nurses are due to retire at the end of the month. 

"They have both worked throughout this awful pandemic, despite the risk it’s carried to their own health due to their ages. 

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"They have had to have reduced patient contact over recent months due to the pandemic, however they have more than assisted in any which way they could.

“These ladies are going to leave such a huge hole in our team, as they have been an absolute inspiration to so many, including up and coming future nurses and other health care professionals. 

"They are an absolute joy to work alongside. Both of these ladies are so full of character, they are the most hard working and dedicated nurses I have ever known within my nursing career of 28 years and they have both been an inspiration to not only myself, but so many within our team.

"The kindness and compassion that they show towards patients in their care is second to none.

"Myself and my colleagues would love to thank them for all they have done over these years for the folk in and around North Somerset.”