Pill student on vaccine frontline

Lauren Toms

Lauren Toms is helping the vaccination effort at Ashton Gate stadium. - Credit: City of Bristol College

An 18-year-old student from Pill is currently serving the public on the frontline of the Government's vaccination programme.

Lauren Toms, a health and social care student from the City of Bristol College, joined the team of volunteers delivering some of the 15 million vaccines from Ashton Gate stadium.


More than 15million vaccines have been delivered in the UK's roll-out. - Credit: City of Bristol College

The North Somerset first-aider revealed she signed up to the programme to utilise and hone the skills she had learned on her course.

She said: "I volunteered to give the vaccine as I wanted to develop my first aid skills further. The training was exciting, I had to do both online and face-to-face training.”

Although she is based in Ashton Gate, Lauren may be required to travel to other vaccination centres to lend a hand.

Lauren Toms

Lauren had to undergo online and one-on-one training before taking up her role. - Credit: City of Bristol College

She said: "It feels amazing to be a part of the mass vaccination efforts. I feel a sense of pride for both me and my colleagues. We are first aiders for a reason and that is to help the community and that is what we are going to be doing.”