How staying active and eating well can boost your mental wellbeing

Facilities at theclub at Cadbury House.

Exercising can help to boost your mood. - Credit: Cadbury House

Having surpassed the first anniversary of lockdown, the good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel as businesses start to reopen from April 12.

Understandably, many of us might feel a little cautious about heading out and enjoying the things we did before lockdown.

What is important is that we all look after our own wellbeing and mental health as well as that of others.

And as we heads towards our own reopening on April 12, the team at theclub & spa at Cadbury House are fully aware of what is needed to help lift mood and get back on track.

General manager Jason Eaton.

General manager Jason Eaton. - Credit: Cadbury House

Jason Eaton, general manager at the popular North Somerset health club said: “There are numerous things that can make a real difference to someone’s mood.

“First up is the importance to keep active. Physical activity helps release endorphins which can improve your mood. When you feel a bit low, you might stop doing the things that can improve your mood. Making sure you do some physical exercise, even if you don't feel like it at first, can give you quick results.

“The next important thing is to make sure you’re eating properly. Changes in blood sugar levels are linked to changes in energy and eating regularly and of the right things maintains blood sugar levels. A drop in blood sugar can make you feel irritable, tired and perhaps anxious, so make sure you eat regularly and drink plenty of water.

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“Also, if you’re feeling a little anxious about something, then a great way to shake those shackles is to distract yourself. Go out for a walk, bike ride or run and you’ll soon find you’ve forgotten about whatever it was you were worried about.

“Making sure you’re making time to switch off and relax is also important. You can’t exercise all the time and the body needs to recover, so plan time to maybe watch a film, read a book or play a game with family. The important thing is to relax and that way you’ll feel revitalised the next day.

Cadbury House

Staff at theclub are looking forward to welcoming people back on April 12. - Credit: Cadbury House

“We’re delighted to be reopening our doors on April 12, and look forward to helping members, old and new, to enjoying taking exercise and forgetting about the last 12 months.”

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