Care service supporting people at home during lockdown

Companion Care offers tech support to its users.

Companion Care offers tech support to its users. - Credit: Companion Care

A care service set up by a former NHS worker has provided vital support to some of North Somerset's most vulnerable residents during lockdown.

Founder, Anne Morley, worked as a community care advisor in the NHS for around 30 years but recently left her role to run Companion Care full-time and help people who have come out of hospital and prevent unnecessary admissions.

Anne Morley from Companion Care North Somerset.

Anne Morley from Companion Care North Somerset. - Credit: Companion Care

Ms Morley said: "We care for older people who might not be able to access some of the other care services available online.

"Our help depends on the individual and can range from making sure they have food, and drink enough water, to helping them fill out online forms or apply for blue badges.

"During lockdown times have become dark for many people so looking after our patients' mental health has been important as well."

Many of the people who have paid for Companion Care's services have been diagnosed with dementia or recently admitted from the hospital.

Following a full Covid-19 safety assessment, Anne's team is often the first human contact residents have had in a week.

Doreen Laycock

Eighty-seven-year-old Doreen Laycock was able to speak to her son in Australia thanks to Companion Care North Somerset. - Credit: Companion Care

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Eighty-seven-year-old Doreen Laycock, from Backwell, revealed how crucial she found the care service to be when recovering from a hospital stay last year.

She said: "The care has been important to me on my road to recovery.

"Seeing someone regularly alongside my daughter is vital. The care I have received has given me my dignity back, which has been missing in some medical services I have received.

"The thought of one-on-one care was daunting at first, as I am such an independent person. However it has given me my confidence back."

Doreen admits she is not tech-savvy, stating 'the telephone is enough for me', and thanked Companion Care for helping her with online banking and other online needs.

However, most of all, she thanked them for arranging a Zoom call with her son who lives in Australia.

She said: "They have helped me use technology to talk and see my son in Australia. I find it all confusing without help. My mind is good, and they do everything with me, rather than for me."