Hardy dog survives cliff fall

A HARDY Jack Russell survived unscathed after plunging down a 30ft cliff edge during a routine walk which ended in drama.

Four-year-old Sally was on a walk with her owner Martin Raymel and his other Jack Russell Buddy when she fell off the cliff path which leads between Clevedon and Walton Bay.

She tumbled on to the rocks and shingle below, out of sight from the top of the cliff.

Martin said: “For reasons best known to Sally, she must have gone under the barrier and slipped through the undergrowth and over the surface edge, slippery from days of constant rain.

“At first I hadn’t realised what had taken place it happened so quickly.

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“My first thought was she was still somewhere in the undergrowth, but within minutes it was apparent she had gone over.”

The incident, which happened at about noon on July 16, resulted in Martin calling the coastguard to ask for advice on what he should do.

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Just 20 minutes later, three coastguard volunteers were at the scene to help find Sally. Two went to the beach below and one remained on the cliff top.

Another dog walker heard Sally whimpering and the group began calling her name, before spotting her scrambling her way back up the near-vertical, muddy cliff edge.

Martin, aged 59 of Seavale Road, added: “With gritty determination she pulled herself up and unbelievably she was wagging her tail.

“The outcome could’ve been very different of course.

“I walk this path regularly and, as many of my fellow dog walkers do, allow my dogs off the lead.

“As a precaution I will lead my dogs at all times during their walks along the cliff path.

“We would like to thank the excellent crew from Clevedon coastguard and the members of the public who volunteered to help rescue Sally.”

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