Grit bins for Backwell

Grit bins for Backwell

GRIT bins could soon be placed around Backwell to help the scores of people who were trapped inside their homes during the snowy weather last month.

Due to the steep hills and icy pavements, many residents did not dare to venture out of their homes for fear of falling over.

Many businesses reported a huge loss in custom as a result and a number of residents are now appealing for grit bins to be installed in Backwell to enable people to travel around more easily.

Councillor Bob Taylor, who also owns R & B Taylor’s newsagents in Rodney Road, said: “We had two weeks of continuous snow and it was the worst time I’ve had in 15-20 years at the newsagents because people couldn’t get down due to the pavements. Other shop owners experienced the same.

“Shops should have grit they can put out for customers. You couldn’t even walk in the chemist because you would fall over.

“People never got out of Lawnside and Summerlands because the pavements were so bad and people were sliding over Backwell Hill Road onto the A370 which was really dangerous.

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“I expect there are going to be requests for grit bins for nearly every road because Backwell isn’t flat.

“We are going to have to think about this for our next budget. I think we are going to need to put them all round Backwell if we want to be sensible.”

Villagers have so far asked the council to provide two grit bins at the bottom of Backwell Hill Road and one at each end of Lawnside. The bins are priced at �150 each.

Backwell Parish Council agreed to ask North Somerset Council to put up the four bins, although the exact site will be determined by the district authority.

North Somerset Council is then responsible for maintaining the bins and filling them during the winter months.