Expansion of Wyndham Way costing £1m to start ‘almost immediately’

Wyndham Way in Portishead. Picture: Google

Wyndham Way in Portishead. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

Plans to add a new lane to one of North Somerset’s busiest roads will receive the green light later this month, with hopes of alleviating commuters’ traffic woes.

A second lane will be built along Wyndham Way heading into Portishead, with North Somerset Council due to sign off on the £1million project.

Wyndham Way, which connects to Junction 19 of the M5 via the Portbury Hundred, is often clogged with cars at rush hour – with many Portishead people working outside of the town.

The roadworks, which will also see the capacity of the Sheepway roundabout increased, will be funded from Highways England contributions.

A public consultation on the project was held last summer, where people raised a range of concerns – including fears it would do little to address congestion problems, result in a loss of green space and it would adversely affect the gateway to Portishead.

Cllr Elfan Ap Rees

Cllr Elfan Ap Rees - Credit: Archant

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Arguments have also been made the project would be more effective if it focussed on the pinch point as cars exit the M5 roundabout and join the Portbury Hundred, where it narrows from two lanes to one within 200 yards.

After reviewing the opinions aired in the consultation, officers made some small changes to the plan including reducing the number of trees which will be removed and adding central islands to the road to reduce congestion when people cross the road.

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But they remain confident the scheme is the best way to tackle the misery of Portishead’s gridlocked motorists, who are often forced to sit in queues tailing back onto the motorway.

Work is expected to start ‘almost immediately’ once Elfan Ap Rees, North Somerset’s executive member for highways, rubber stamps the decision by the end of February.

Cllr Ap Rees said: “This is a joint scheme with Highways England to reduce congestion from Junction 19 and through to Portishead.

“The officers have come back with a few modifications and they are satisfied with the computer traffic projections and the system will work.

“It will be signed off later this month and we can get the work underway.

“We will be starting almost immediately as we have to clear vegetation before the bird nesting season starts.”

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