Villages get ready for Great Big Green Week

the great big green week Clevedon

'Great Big Green Market’ in Queen’s Square, on September 18, from 10am to 4pm. - Credit: Google

People of Pill, Easton in Gordano and Ham Green will celebrate all the good things that are going on to help fight climate change on Saturday.

Villagers are taking part of the national Great Big Green Week.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities to visit 22 places in the villages that are doing their bit; allotments, wildlife gardens, safe places for hedgehogs, a green hairdressing salon, are just a few examples.

Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council's new community fridge will be officially opened in the morning, a new allotment cookbook will be launched and delicious fairtrade teas and homemade cakes will be available in the afternoon.

The Great Big Green Week will be the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK.

There is an interactive map to help you see what is going on locally, available online at