Teachers make strike u-turn as last minute talks continue

Gordano School, in Portishead. Picture: Mark Atherton

There may be hope for an agreement to be made between Gordano School and its teaching staff. - Credit: Archant

The first of six planned days of strikes will not go ahead today (February 3) at a school in Portishead.

Gordano School has held talks with the National Education Union (NEU) for months but refused to accept the five demands of its staff - which led to teachers voting 'overwhelmingly' to strike.

However, the decision was made by the NEU to u-turn on its first strike, a decision which had 'been done with the hope for meaningful negotiations to take place.'

NEU spokesman, Jon Reddiford explains: “I am hopeful that a negotiated resolution can be found this week to the benefit of all members of the school community.

"It goes without saying that improving teachers working conditions will also help students learning conditions.”

A meeting between the union and employer has now been set for this week.

The union has not ruled out carrying out the other fix planned strikes.