Golfing bet man comes forward

A GERMAN golfer will be able to pay back a bet he lost five years ago thanks to some help from the Times.

Sebastian Steinzen featured in last week’s edition after travelling to Portishead to try to find a man called Patrick to whom he owed a pint after losing a bet on a Majorcan golf course.

After spending a week in North Somerset, Sebastian had no luck in finding Patrick, whose address he had lost after meeting him on holiday five years ago.

He had travelled to England simply knowing that Patrick lived in Portishead and sometimes drank at the Black Horse pub in Clapton-in-Gordano.

However, following the article published in the Times last week, Patrick Burns came forward and was put in contact with Sebastian.

Sebastian, who had spent �1,000 travelling to England to repay his debt, said: “I am so happy that I have found Patrick.”

During a game of golf, the 34-year-old had bet Patrick he could land his ball no more than 2m away from the flag from a distance of about 130 yards. However, after losing the bet, Sebastian did not get the chance to buy Patrick the pint he owed him before they travelled home.