Glastonbury 2022: Who is confirmed and how do I get tickets?

Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage empty

The fields of Worthy Farm have been empty for two years - kind of... - Credit: Paul Jones

While the summer may seem a long way off for many of us, for one group, the countdown is firmly underway.

Fans of the Glastonbury Festival are counting down the days until they can get back in the fields of Worthy Farm, in Pilton, to enjoy the best of music, theatre and more.

The festival was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021, meaning fans are eager to return to Somerset between June 22 and 26.

In 2020, the event was due to celebrate 50 years since it was first held on founder Michael Eavis' farm, with headliners Sir Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar set to grace the legendary Pyramid Stage.

But it was not to be.

So what does 2022 have in store? 

Wishing fans a happy new year this week, organiser Emily Eavis promised news 'soon' - but just who could be on the bill for the return of the largest greenfield festival in the world?

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Who is confirmed for Glastonbury 2022 so far?

Just two acts have been confirmed for the 2022 Glastonbury Festival by organisers.

The first is Billie Eilish, who will headline the Pyramid Stage on Friday night, becoming the youngest ever headliner in the process.

And second up is Diana Ross, who was previously confirmed for the Sunday afternoon 'legend' slot for 2020 - and will keep hold of that spot on the bill in 2022.

Have there been any leaks about the Glastonbury 2022 lineup?

Yes and no. 

Rockers Aerosmith, when announcing dates for their 2022 European tour, got Glastonbury lovers excited when the list included a June 25 date at, you guessed it, Glastonbury.

However, it was soon removed from the band's website - adding further intrigue.

Elsewhere, a number of artists have dropped hints in interviews and social media posts that they will be appearing.

The likes of Candi Staton, Sam Fender, Midlake, Tribes and Crowded House (another hold over from 2020) have done this in various interviews, so look as certain as can be to be on the bill.

Busy Pyramid Stage at the 2010 Glastonbury Festival

The Glastonbury Festival was due to mark 50 years in 2020 - Credit: Paul Jones

Who else is in the frame for Glastonbury 2022?

This is difficult to say with any kind of accuracy, as the festival is very, very good at keeping things quiet.

You would expect 2020's headliners to have been offered the chance to return - although Taylor Swift has cancelled all 2022 dates - so Kendrick Lamar and Sir Paul McCartney must be in the frame.

Other factors to consider are who is touring around the time of the Glastonbury Festival - many with a suspicious 'Glasto-shaped' hole in their schedule.

This list is a long one - and festival fans have compiled comprehensive databases of acts around in June - which includes the likes of Elton John, Guns n Roses and many, many more.

But can I get tickets to Glastonbury 2022?

Technically, yes, you can.

After the 2020 event was cancelled, ticket holders were allowed to retain theirs for the next year - and the same in 2021 - so the festival is officially sold out.

However, all is not lost, as there is - usually in April - a resale of the limited tickets that are returned by those who can no longer attend, or who can't afford it.

As we say, this is a very limited number - but that is the only chance left.

In order to buy one, you have to be pre-registered (, so make sure that is done before trying (if the system is open, which it appears to be currently).

Then, it's a case of keeping your ears to the ground to find out when the resale will take place.