Yatton pub releases full English breakfast fragrance


Yatton's Bridge Inn has released a full English breakfast fragrance ahead of Fathers Day. - Credit: Tom Wren SWNS

A pub in Yatton has released a surprising fragrance ahead of Father's Day - one that smells like a full English breakfast.

The Bridge Inn, in North End Road, has launched the aftershave alongside its latest breakfast menu and promises it will turn heads for all who wear it.

Eau De Breakfast, as it is known, offers a scent that "combines subtle hints of smoky bacon and sizzling sausages, with undertones of fresh toast to create a tantalising aroma for breakfast fans."

Hungry Horse business director, Rob Calderbank told the Mercury and Times this makes the perfect gift for those who love the best meal of the day.

Mr Calderbank said: “Everyone loves the smell of sizzling bacon in the morning, so what better way to celebrate your favourite meal than with a fragrance that lets you smell like breakfast all day long?

“With Father’s Day upcoming, our new Eau De Breakfast fragrance offers the perfect gift for dads in Yatton who know how to start their day right, and we are certain it is going to be a crowd-pleaser."

There are just 10 bottles of the fragrance available and buyers will have to register their interest beforehand.

To do so, log on to www.hungryhorse.co.uk/fathers-day

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