Nailsea's Trendlewood Park needs volunteers

Could you volunteer at Trendlewood Park?

Could you volunteer at Trendlewood Park? Picture: Squirrel. - Credit: Friends of Trendlewood

A popular park and wood in Nailsea needs volunteers to help maintain the green space for visitors.

Friends of Trendlewood Park say the group is made of members who all enjoy biodiversity, love being out in nature and want to meet like-minded folk such as themselves. 

A spokesperson said: "For those who frequent Nowhere Wood and Trendlewood Park, you cannot help but be impressed by the wonderful signs of spring and summer.

"After the last two difficult years the friends are back working at the park, although they were never away.

"There is a lot of work to maintain this beautiful area which stretches from Nowhere Wood to the Kenn Hedge with a number of projects taking place all year round, including the Queen’s Canopy scheme and new wetlands being created.

"If you like to come along and join us, we meet on the first Sunday of each month outside the Old Farmhouse pub, Chelvey Rise, at 10am.

"We'd really love if you could join."