Elections - parish and town candidates announced

HUNDREDS of people across North Somerset have put themselves forward as candidates for May’s local government elections.

On May 5, residents will be asked to vote for who they want to represent them on North Somerset Council and may also be asked to vote for who they want to sit on their local town or parish council.

However, elections for town and parish councils will only be held if more candidates are put forward than the number of seats available.

Today (Wed) the names of nominees for town and parish councils have been released. They are:

BACKWELL: Mo Bowerman. Basil Bucknell. Robert Day. Michelle Gibbons-Price. Brian Huggins. Joan Llewellyn. Rita Mason. Kath Merryweather. Sarah Ould. Chris Perry. Colin Pope. Shirley Pope. Derek Sparks. Bob Taylor. Joy Theis. Roger Theis.

BARROW GURNEY: Ed Bradley. Philip Carnell. Geoffrey Coombs. Eric Gates.

CLAPTON-IN-GORDANO: Deon Davis. Gordon Irvine. Craig Jamieson. Michael Redman. Clive Roberts. Jo Sholl-Evans.

Most Read

CLEVEDON CENTRAL: Jane Geldart (Independent). Linda Little (Conservative). Nick Pennycott (Conservative). Angela Walker.

CLEVEDON EAST: Jon Middleton (Conservative). Ann Shopland (Independent). David Shopland (Independent).

CLEVEDON NORTH: Bob Garner (Conservative). Patrick McNeill (Independent). Carole Wring (Independent).

CLEVEDON SOUTH: Linda Knott (Conservative). Ron Vanderholt (Conservative).

CLEVEDON WALTON: John Norton-Sealey (Conservative). Andrew Withers (Independent).

CLEVEDON WEST: Christopher Blades (Conservative). Christopher Bussey. Dave Hoddell (Conservative). Trevor Morgan (Independent).

CLEVEDON YEO: Christopher Arnold (Liberal Democrats). Carl Francis-Pester (Conservative). Colin Hall (Conservative).

FLAX BOURTON: Roger Higgins. Paul Lillington. Jane Moss. Michael Windo.

KENN: Clive Golding. Kate Hatcher. Andrew Limage. Hazel Limage. Sheila Naish. Cheryl Quinn. Sizzle Summerell. Robert Treble.

NAILSEA GOLDEN VALLEY: Robin Bell. David Packham (Independent). Mary Ponsonby (Independent). John Wilson (Independent).

NAILSEA MIZZYMEAD: Jeremy Blatchford (Independent). Anita Heappey. Ann Tonkin (Independent). James Tonkin (Independent).

NAILSEA WEST END: Helen Hamblin. Anne Kemp (Independent). Valerie Smith (Independent).

NAILSEA YEO: Philip Barclay (Independent). Mary Blatchford. Liz Frappell (Independent). Jane Holt.

NAILSEA YOUNGWOOD: Jan Barber (Independent). Clare Hunt. Rod Lees (Independent).

PILL AND EASTON-IN-GORDANO – PILL: Keith Burchell. Andrew Burt. Paul Donovan. Kim Glassenbury. Andy Jopp (Independent). Bob Langton. Brian Murphy (UKIP). Arthur Taylor. Derek Waters.

PILL AND EASTON-IN-GORDANO – ST GEORGE: Lesley Davey. Charles Exley. Paul Kent.

PORTBURY: Peter Cooke. Valerie Marshall. Jonathan Meek. Stuart Tarr (Independent). Stephen Young.

PORTISHEAD CENTRAL: Geraldine Box (Conservative). John Clark (Liberal Democrats). Reyna Knight (Conservative). Michael Parker (Independent).

PORTISHEAD COAST: Don Cameron (Conservative). Evelyn Elworthy (Liberal Democrats). Clive Hall (Liberal Democrats). David Pasley (Conservative).

PORTISHEAD EAST: Andrew Huffadine-Cooper (Conservative). Jean Lord (Liberal Democrats). Arthur Terry (Conservative). Barry Walters (Conservative).

PORTISHEAD NORTH: Peter Burden (Conservative). Ben Hughes (Liberal Democrats). Terry Lester (Labour).

PORTISHEAD REDCLIFFE BAY: Colin Howells (Liberal Democrats). Marilyn Koops (Conservative). Emma Mears (Liberal Democrats). Maggie Philpott (Conservative).

PORTISHEAD SOUTH AND NORTH WESTON: Jim Christopherson (Liberal Democrats). Nick Doddrell (Liberal Democrats). Alan McMurray (Conservative). James Walker (Conservative).

PORTISHEAD WEST: Ros Cruse (Conservative). Mike Johnston (Liberal Democrats). Susan Mason (Liberal Democrats). Icy Patel (Conservative).

TICKENHAM: Matthew Bracey. Jane Brock. David Franks. Alan Hooley. Ann Loader. Michael Perrott (Independent). Bruce Ralfs. Pamela Trenchard. Roger Triggol.

WALTON-IN-GORDANO: Brian Cannell. Ann Charlesworth. Richard Kent. Floss Morgan.

WESTON-IN-GORDANO: Charles Brown. Susan Chambers. David Down. Paul Harris. Peter Yates.

WRAXALL AND FAILAND: Richard Delmas. Richard King. Martin Law. Gillian Moon. Hugh Pratt. David Robinson. Thomas Sage. Patricia Shaw. Robert Sheppard. Jonathan Thompson.

* On Monday the list of candidates in the running to become North Somerset councillors was released. To view this list follow the link at the top of this page.

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