Yatton Junior School rated ‘good’ by Ofsted inspectors

School council pupils with headteacher Jo Keeble.

School council pupils with headteacher Jo Keeble. - Credit: Archant

‘Fantastic’ teachers and well-behaved pupils have seen Yatton’s junior school earn praise from inspectors.

School council pupils with headteacher Jo Keeble.

School council pupils with headteacher Jo Keeble. - Credit: Archant

Ofsted rated the junior section of Yatton Federated Schools as good, two years on from demanding improvements were made.

Headteacher Jo Keeble said: “We are extremely pleased.

“We are proud and it is something we should celebrate.”

Ofsted inspectors rate schools across several areas, including leadership, pupils’ outcomes and teaching quality. In every aspect the school was rated ‘good’.

They said standards in writing has particularly improved and labelled mathematics as an area of strength.

Away from the classroom, the school’s peer mentoring scheme was recognised by Ofsted, with inspectors pleased older pupils were encouraged to look after younger ones.

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Ms Keeble said volunteers, governors, staff and pupils deserved the result after working hard to make progress.

She said: “We knew we had made significant improvements but to have that confirmed was brilliant.

“I think the whole school community has been supportive of the journey and the responses to the report have been lovely.

“We have fantastic teachers. I feel we have teachers here who want to unpick pupils’ learning and are committed to the children. School should be fun, exciting and about children wanting to learn.”

Inspectors also praised Miss Keeble for her impact.

Ofsted said: “The headteacher, supported by other school leaders, sets high expectations and has taken effective steps to address underperformance which has affected outcomes for pupils in the past.

“The drive, determination and dedications of the headteacher has brought about significant improvements in outcomes for pupils during the academic year.”

Miss Keeble said she was ‘humbled’ by the comments.

She added: “It means a huge amount to me.

“This isn’t a job, it is my life.

“I care very deeply about the education our children have.”

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