Tables turned as staff cook for Pill students

St Katherine's School teaching staff at the end of their shift.

St Katherine's School teaching staff at the end of their shift. - Credit: Supplied

Staff at St Katherine’s School have cooked a three-course meal to help pupils prepare for their exams.

The teachers prepared a delicious menu for year 11 pupils at the Pill school’s Leaf restaurant under the watchful eye of head chef Paul Mingo-West.

The team, including headteacher Justin Humphreys, cooked and served dinner for the students to try to calm their pre-GCSE nerves.

Mr Humphreys said: “It was a great evening and quite intense in the kitchen at times.

“It made all the teachers appreciate the excellent standard of food and hospitality that our students provide every Thursday at The Leaf.

“The year 11s really enjoyed the evening and provided the staff with some interesting feedback.

“We are lucky to have a fine dining restaurant in our school and it is great to share this with the students.

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“Hopefully we maintained The Leaf’s great reputation but I think all the teachers will be relieved to get back to the classroom.”

The evening also raised funds for the year 11 prom.

The school’s catering and hospitality usually prepare the food, tend the bar and serve customers at The Leaf which is open to the public every Thursday during term time.