Students tackle bullying issue

DIFFERENCES Aside 365 is the name given to a Clevedon School project aimed at tackling bullying.

As part of National Anti-bullying Week pupils at the Valley Road school put on competitions to raise awareness of the issue.

The week is also used to increase the profile of the school’s peer listening scheme, which sees pupils organising lessons, assemblies and visits to primary schools to talk about bullying.

As part of the competitions, Clevedon School students were invited to write a short play script to show how words can hurt, which was won by year seven pupil Daniela Watson, and take a photograph to be used on new anti-bullying posters, which was won by year 11 student Emily Knox-Clifton.

Primary school children were asked to write a slogan for a wristband to be given to them and their classmates. Charlotte Hanson, a year five pupils from All Saints’ Primary School, was chosen as the winner.