Students ‘inspired’ by new reading scheme

Accelerated Readers

Accelerated Readers - Credit: Supplied

St KATHERINE’S School in Pill, has introduced a reading scheme aimed at inspiring students to read more.

The scheme, called Accelerated Readers, is targeted at all year seven and eight pupils at the Ham Green school and is tailored to each individual student, directing them to a range of titles that are at just the right level for them.

Once a student has read a book they can then take a quick quiz about it on a computer.

Lucy Edwards, school librarian, said: “The students love this element of the scheme as the better they do on their quiz, the more points they earn for their tutor group.”

The scheme also records the number of words for each title on the scheme, so the students will know how many words they have actually read in total.

Students were set the task of reading one million words before the end of the school year, and already have three millionaires - Finn O’Rourke and Steph Thomasset in year seven and Peter Hadley in year eight.

Lucy said: “Reading is such a vital skill and we are really pleased at the enthusiasm the students are showing for the new scheme.”