Space dome inspires Nailsea pupils

Space adventures at St Francis Primary School.

Space adventures at St Francis Primary School. - Credit: Archant

Astronauts and constellations captured pupils’ imaginations as they learnt about space.

Children from St Francis Primary School, in Nailsea, enjoyed a visit from the Space Odyssey Dome.

The children walked inside the inflatable dome and watched shows about life in space, the stars and planets.

They learnt facts about the movement of the sun across the sky, the lives of astronauts in the international space stations and the Greek legends surrounding the names of the constellations.

One pupil said: “It was good because everything was explained very well and we got a complete view of what it was like to be in space.

“We learned in a really fun way.

“It was really interesting learning about all the different stars and I had no idea how many different constellations there were.

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“It really inspired me and now I want to study the stars when I grow up.”