Solar seeds


- Credit: Archant

Grove Junior School, Nailsea, took part in the rocket science project along with 10,000 other schools across the UK on the 28th April.

They received two packages of seeds, one red and one blue. One had been to space to stay with Tim Peake (astronaut) for six months. Grove planted the seeds and recorded the findings.

Pupils in pine class have been interviewed. This is what they said.

Lauren, 10, said: “I think the seeds from space are the blue ones.”

Ruby, 9, thinks that the seed that stayed on Earth will grow faster.

Everyone in year five took part in the experiment organised by the Royal Horticultural Society. The reason for this is to see if astronauts can grow their own food in space and to see if we could sustain life on another planet. The human race could probably live on another planet, but could plants?

It has been a good week with all the seed planting. Grove and 10,00 other schools are still waiting for the results. They will find out on the 25th June.

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* The story was written by pupil Millie Filer who won a competition for writing the best news story.