Sky-dive challenge for fundraising parents

TEN plucky parents will be jumping out of a plane next month to raise money for Wraxall Primary School.

The members of the Friends of Wraxall School Association (FWSA) are hoping to raise �25,000 to level the school playing field by taking part in a tandem parachute jump in front of the whole school.

Nine mums and FWSA chairman Tony Warren, who will be dressing up as a woman for the event, are travelling to Cirencester on September 30 to complete the jump, with the whole school watching from the airfield.

The school has a significant slope in the middle of its playing field which prevents the children from taking part in a number of sports.

Vicky Chapman, vice chairman of the FWSA, said: “We’ve got a netball pitch but any sports like football we can’t do. We have hardly any after school clubs that are sports related.

“During our sports days we can’t hold any big races like obstacle courses or sack races because of the slope.

“The current playing field is of a good size, but the extent of the slope does heavily restrict the development of the children in their sporting activities.”

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It will cost around �25,000 to level the playing field and the FWSA realised its usual fundraisers such as fairs, barbecues and quiz nights were not going to raise the amount soon enough, so members decided to do something a little more drastic.

Mrs Chapman, whose daughter Jessica will start year one in September and her son Jake will start reception, said: “We just realised that at the rate we were going it was going to take us quite a few years to get the money together so we wanted to do something significant.

“With obesity being such a problem and more and more children spending time inside rather than outside in the fresh air playing, we believe this is a very good cause and will benefit not only the current children at the school but future children to come.

“Ideally we’d like to start the work this year. We are talking about artificial turf or having it seeded, which will take longer.

Last week the Times reported how the school has submitted a planning application to North Somerset Council for an all-weather pitch at the site.

The school is now appealing for people and businesses to help the daredevils to reach their target. Anyone interested in donating to the cause can do so at