Skirts banned from school

Skirts banned from school

SKIRTS will be banned from Nailsea School as of September.

Girls will be restricted to wearing trousers as part of the uniform when the new school term starts following concern that pupils were wearing increasingly shorter skirts to lessons.

The decision was made at a special meeting of the governing body due to concern that girls were not adhering to uniform policy.

The governors heard representations from students, staff and parents on the matter before they voted in favour of banning the skirts.

Headteacher David New said: “After a vigorous debate, it was decided by an overwhelming majority, that in order to enable all students to participate fully in the learning activities, trousers represent a much more practical option.

“Since September 2009, the school has been encouraging students to wear their new school uniform appropriately.

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“After consistent warnings, and clear indications on the school website, about the consequences of flouting the rules, the school governors have decided that taking skirts out of the option will make life simpler for parents and teachers alike.”

Letters have now been sent out to parents informing them of the new uniform policy, but some are not happy with the decision.

Mike Austen, whose daughter Sherry was reprimanded in September last year for having too short a skirt, said: “I’m quite angry about it. It seems they don’t realise it costs a lot of money to change the uniform.

“We had difficulty getting Sherry trousers that would fit her because of her long legs, which is why we went down the skirt route.

“The primary purpose of schooling is education and I think it should be what’s focused on, rather than what children wear to school.”

The Times reported how Sherry and 200 other pupils were told they should start applying to other schools if they did not adhere to the uniform policy.

At the time, headteacher David New said: “Nailsea School will never apologise for having high standards in terms of achievement, behaviour or appearance.”

A year earlier, in 2009, the school also hit the headlines after pupils were reprimanded for wearing trousers that were too tight or had too much detailing on, such as buttons. The school had banned pupils from wearing Miss Sexy branded trousers as they were deemed inappropriate.