Security boost for school

New security measures at Backwell School.

New security measures at Backwell School. - Credit: Archant

BACKWELL School has spent £100,000 on CCTV cameras and fencing to make the site safer for its pupils.

The school in Station Road was given a grant from the Department for Education to put towards safeguarding and security.

Staff have used the money to pay for a CCTV system, a perimeter fence and also improved school pick-up and drop-off points.

Headteacher Julian Baldwin said: “We got CCTV to monitor the entrance and exit to the site. “Backwell is very open so we have also installed some discreet fencing that can close off the site where we want to.

“It doesn’t spoil the outlook or the grounds and fits in very well.

“We’ve also improved the entrance and exit for cars during pick-up and drop-off times as we have a large number of children who come in by car.

“It hasn’t been a reaction to anything that’s happened but we are always looking to improve things and we felt these were three ways we could make the school safer and more secure.”

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The school has changed the layout of the car park and in-creased parking facilities elsewhere on the site so there is more space.

The area is also supervised half an hour after the school opens and straight after school to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Mr Baldwin added: “We’ve had good feedback from a number of parents and other users who come in by car and told us it’s quicker and safer.

“The member of staff supervising the area has also been greatly appreciated by parents.”