School sets up community-run crossing patrol

School sets up community-run crossing patrol

A SCHOOL in Flax Bourton is setting up a crossing patrol run by volunteers to keep children safe getting to and from school.

Flax Bourton Primary School lost an appeal for a crossing patrol on the busy road outside the school as it is considered too small to warrant one.

The school is refusing to give up though and is now appealing for parents to come forward to help run their own scheme in Station Road.

Headteacher Jane Bennett said: “We are looking for volunteers to man the crossing patrol outside the school.

It’s a really tricky road to cross and unfortunately we didn’t qualify for a funded crossing so we are hoping that we will get some volunteers who will step up and helps us.

“We need people for half an hour in the morning and half an hour at the end of the day so we can help the children be more independent when they travel to school.

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“Parents are currently reluctant to let children get to school by foot, bike or scooter due to the dangerous road.”

North Somerset Council will provide free training and equipment for the volunteers.

The school is hoping a number of people will sign up so that shifts can be split between several people and volunteers can be called upon to cover absences.

Mrs Bennett added: “We are really hoping the community will come together to help us run this scheme. We hope that anyone who has got a bit of spare time will give us half an hour a week to help the children cross the road safely.”

Volunteers are needed to cover slots from 8.30-9am and 3.10-3.40pm during the week. Anyone interested can call the school on 01275 464468.