School field closed amid concrete danger fears

NAILSEA School pupils may have to go a whole year without using their playing field because stones and pieces of concrete have begun to poke through the ground.

Over the past six months fist-sized rocks and pieces of concrete have worked their way to the surface and the area has been classed as too dangerous to use.

Pupils have been using the all-weather pitch for football matches as well as Golden Valley playing fields and Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club has kindly offered the school use of its pitches for rugby matches so it does not have to cancel any fixtures.

Nailsea School’s operations manager, Chris Perry, said: “Over the past six months it’s obvious that some of the larger rocks and pieces of concrete have worked their way through at the top of the pitch and are protruding through.

“We’ve had to take it out of circulation for contact sports and we are now working with North Somerset Council and Carillion to come to a resolution.”

Carillion carried out the work to revamp the �32million school and North Somerset Council and the school are now in talks with the company to decide who will pay for the work.

Mr Perry said: “We are currently investigating how it happened. The level of the whole field has dropped, which we would expect because all the air pockets have been filled up. But the ground has settled by two-three inches at least.

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“We have a meeting on Friday with Carillion about the corrective work and where the costs lie, but the school doesn’t feel it lies with them.”

Pupils use the field for football, cricket and rugby and the youngsters have been told they may not be able to use the facility again until September next year.