School crossing saved by generous villagers

Police and council target dangerous parking and speeding near Wraxall Primary School.

Police and council target dangerous parking and speeding near Wraxall Primary School. - Credit: Archant

Funding has been found for a crossing patrol at Wraxall Primary School to enable families to cross the road safely.

North Somerset Council axed its funding for school crossing patrols across the district earlier this year to make £29,000 worth of savings.

Cllr Charles Cave, who represents Wraxall for North Somerset, called the decision into the scrutiny panel in July to appeal for the patrol to be kept at Wraxall school as it is located on the blind bend of a busy road.

The appeal was rejected, but Wraxall Parochial Charities have now offered to pay half of the bill while Cllr Cave has found the rest of the money.

Cllr Cave said: “I’m very pleased we’ve got the money for it because it’s a dangerous crossing – the worst in North Somerset.

“The volumne of traffic is not far below the Long Ashton bypass.

“At least the children and parents can cross safely for the coming year, during which time North Somerset needs to get its act together and sort out the permanent crossing.”

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Wraxall and Failand Parish Council has asked North Somerset Council to pay for a permanent crossing for the school near Wraxall Hill and engineers are looking into three potential sites along Bristol Road.

The council has looked into the possibility of a crossing previously and deemed it impractical, but councillors were given fresh hope at the scrutiny panel meeting in July when North Somerset Council said creating a pedestrian crossing for Wraxall school was a ‘high priority’.

Cllr Cave said: “I understand North Somerset Council has got to save money but one size doesn’t fit all and sometimes you’ve got to tailor things.

“While it is saving money, which it needs to do, it tends to put the cost on the local community – either the parish councils or businesses.

“We’ve done our bit and now it’s up to the council to get a permanent crossing sorted out.”