Portishead computer club thrives with help from students

STUDENT volunteers who have been helping out at a thriving computer club in Portishead have been nominated for an award because of their work.

Thanks to Government funding to help close the digital gap between senior citizens and technology, NSHousing formed a computer group and were thrilled when seven volunteers from the University of the West of England (UWE) wanted to help out.

Now because of their weekly help as course tutors, which involved providing learning material and an easy to follow class plan for people at Jubilee Hall, their work will be entered into an e-skills competition backed by the national campaign, Race Online.

NSHousing’s resident activities coordinator, from Portishead, Aimee Phipps, said: “We passionately believe that old age should be a time of growth and development, not passive decline and courses such as this provides chances for people to learn at their own pace and make friends.

“The UWE students have been great and really made the club more structured and enjoyable. I have had great feedback from all the members and this has helped us in our mission to get the whole of North Somerset’s older population online and enjoying the benefits of the internet.”