Popular author opens junior school library

Backwell Junior School opening its new library. Author Christian Dark visited and children did illus

Backwell Junior School opening its new library. Author Christian Dark visited and children did illustration, writing and animation workshops. Photo by Jeremy Long. - Credit: Jeremy Long \ JCL Photography

Book fans at Backwell Junior School are looking forward to delving into a wide range of reads in their new library.

Staff have spent the past few months sorting through the books, buying new furniture and creating a modern library to inspire pupils.

Author Christian Darkin, who wrote the Act Normal children’s books, visited on Friday to officially open the new facility and to highlight the importance of reading.

Literacy co-ordinator Rebecca Yardley said: “The library hadn’t been used properly as a library for the past few years.

“It was originally placed in one of the other classrooms, then moved into the ICT room and has now found the correct space in the old building of the school.

“It was a mess, the books were all over the place, with no order or structure to the library.

“Many attempts to revive the library were unsuccessful due to time issues.”

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Last year the former literacy co-ordinator Francheska Kwiek begain sorting out the library with the help of the year six children.

Rebecca then took over in September and the room has now been transformed into a modern library.

She said: “I’m pleased with the library space we have created so far.

“We are hoping to improve it further over the next year by introducing an electronic system to register books, but for now its lovely to have the school library up and running for the children to enjoy again.

“The activities and the excitement of having an author in to officially open the library has created quite a buzz around school.”

Pupils will now be able to spend a designated time in the library each week where they can change class and home books, read in the cosy corner or take part in library activities.

There will also be weekly library clubs and children can recommend books on the have your say wall.