New pitch planned for sporting kids

SPORTING children in Wraxall could soon be playing matches on a new all-weather pitch.

The village primary school has submitted a planning application to North Somerset Council to create a 40mx20m artificial pitch at the rear of the school.

Apart from PE lessons in the hall, the school also encourages sporting activities and holds regular matches against other schools.

Currently, the netball area at the front and the paddock at the rear of the site is used. However the paddock is on a considerable slope, making it a hindrance in developing sport at the 95-pupil Bristol Road school.

If permission is granted, an all-weather pitch created from artificial turf would be installed with a 2m-wide path leading back to the netball area at the front of the school.

The resultant topsoil would be spread over the slopes and the bottom fence would be planted with hedging to ensure the pitch blends with the adjoining countryside.